How to Download BHIM App For Digital Payments

BHIM APP Download For Android, iphone – How To Install & Send/ Transfer, Receive Money in BHIM UPI

New Delhi: BHIM APP Download For Android, iphone – How To Install & Send/ Transfer, Receive Money in BHIM UPI – In a quest to incentivize digital payment, Narendra Modi on Friday launched a new mobile Application named as Bheem. Modi stated, “the Government is bringing a new technology that will make payment possible without even use of the Internet. Thumb, that was till recently known as an inability of the illiterate, has now become the strength of digital payment. Mere thumb will suffice any digital transaction.”

BHIM App For Digital Payments

It is important to know that Bheem is a UPI-based application. The Adhar-enabled App is going to be launched in the New Year. Narendra Modi turned up in Tal Katora Stadium in Delhi to take part in Digi-Dhan- Mela on Friday. In the wake of this occasion, he honoured collectors and the crusaders of digital payment. He also declared the winners of the Digi- Dhan-Yojana.

How to Download BHIM App For Digital Payments

Given below are the salient features of the speech made by Narendra Modi:

Modi Launches App. Bheem; Government Claims the New Technology will Make Payment Possible without Internet

  1. The New Arrangement in Place in Two Weeks

65% population of this country is below 35 years of age, 100 crores people already own mobile. And where the future of people lies in thumb, you can easily anticipate. More than 100 crore people have already got Adhar cards. Dispensation of Adhar cards to the younger population of the country is on the full swing. The older generation of today has already got the cards”.

  1. The Rest of the World will go to Google Guru 

“The day is not far when the rest of the world will ask the Google Guru, “what is Bheem? Initially, they will visualize our Bheem as the character of the epic Mahabharat”. After examining it discreetly they will find that there was a Bharat Ratna Bheem Rao Ambedkar, whose tenet of life was Bahujan Hitay—Bahujan Shukhay(Help to all and bliss to all)”.

Modi further added, “ the new App will provide strength to the poorest of the poor of this country. The App will prove to be the treasure of poor.”

  1. ……That’s why the App bears the name of Ambedkar

This App will empower small traders, farmers, poor, tribesmen. And this is the reason the App bears the name of Ambedkar, as that was the man who dedicated his entire life for the upliftment of downtrodden and exploited citizens of this country.”

“ The day small traders, poor and small vendors start using Bheem, all their financial transactions will become smooth. When they need loan, they will show their mobile and display their transactions to the bank officials”.

“This is the roadmap of 2017. In just 5 minutes, they will be able to get a loan amount of 5,000. The new App will provide a Bheem-like platform for the quick fulfillment of their requirements.”

  1. Bheem will Be Super Economic status of Family

Modi stated, “ Bheem is all destined to become the super status of your family”.

While declaring the lucky draw, Modi stated, “all those who are doing something substantial to incentivize digital payment, are actually strengthening the foundation stone of the country”.

  1. EVM has taken the world to surprise

“Today, lots of so-called countries of literates become utterly surprised to know that in India crores of voters vote by pressing buttons and when the counting of voting starts, the result stats coming out in mere 2 hours.”

“The illeterates of our country are frowned upon by the rest of the world. But, now all of them can raise their hands in honour. We use Electronic Voting Machine with outstanding popularity.”

  1. Target on Opposition—No Medicine for Pessimists, Opportunities’ Galore for the Optimists 

Taking a dig at opposition, Modi stated, “ there happen to be some people, who start their life in pessimism and for them there is no remedy now”.

“Those who have cocooned themselves in the shelves of pessimisim, I have no remedy for them, but for optimists I have hundreds of plans and opportunities”.

  1. In yesteryears we would talk about the losses: now we talk about the gains

“Just take a glance on the news three years back. There was the news about losses in coal, 2G, etc. But, now the news of gains comes thick and fast”.

“There was same law, same people, same format of governance, same files. And that was the time when there was only discussion on losses and this is the time when only the news of gains gets surfaced in the newspapers and media”.

  1. I was in search of rat only, for it eats away all valuables secretly 

Modi stated,” a leader of the opposition said, we searched for mountain, but we could find only rat”. Dear! We were in search for the rats only as it is the rats that eat away all the valuables secretly.”

“ We are entrusted with the responsibility of taking hold of these rats and our works are going in full swing”.

“Our farmers work hard to grow crops. But, the rats take away their harvest”.

“ If there is tenacity to do something noteworthy for the greater good of the country, dedication towards the people of the country, then even God gives strength to do something special for the greater good of the people.”

  1. Thanks for Asking Questions

Modi stated, “when people started travelling in red light vehicles just to show off their might, without even the entitlement, media went after all of them. Slowly and slowly even those who were entitled to travel in red light vehicle, even they started fearing”.

“ I express my sense of gratitude towards the mediapersons. When media ups its ante against something unpleasant, favourable results start coming very soon”.

“You might have seen in the last 50 days—I used to make speeches and someone would ask a rickshaw puller, shopkeeper, do you know digital payment? Then, they would ask me, “you tell Modi’.

“ Now, the power has been vested in thumb. And for this I congratulate Media”.

“Now the mediapersons will ask—there is mobile, there is Bheem, why you roam around with cash? In 2017 media is going to ask similar questions? This is how a revolution comes in.

  1. Ambedkar’s Viewpoint was clear

Modi stated, “In the monetary system of India and in Indian economics, the viewpoint of one great person was crystal clear—and that name was that of Bheem Rao Ambedkar”.

“Today a great purpose has solved. A new App has been launched. The name of this App is also Bheem. Very few people know that Bheem Rao Ambedkar, who gave us Constitution, was an exponent in Economics.”

How To download BHIM App

1. Open Google Play Store and Search BHIM App in Search Box

BHIM APP Download

2. Click on Install Button, and Set a Preferred Language either English or Hindi.

3. Click 0n Next

BHIM APP Download

4. Again Click on Next Button

BHIM APP Download

5. Now Click on Lets Get Started

BHIM APP Download


6- Now verify Your Mobile Number (SIM) Which is Linked to Bank Accounts. It should be Registered with Your bank account.

BHIM APP Download


7. Keep/Enter a 4 digit Pass Code.

BHIM APP Download

8. Select Your Bank from List.

BHIM APP Download

9. After Selection of Bank, You need to Enter Last 6 Digits of Debit Card/ ATM Card Number & Enter Valid Month & year.

BHIM APP Download

10. Now You will get Confirmation details so you can Send Money, receive Money from Below page.

BHIM APP Download

Now You can Simply by Sending money Scanning QR Code

How To Use BHIM App For Digital Payments

  1. Sending money to Other Bank
  2. Request Money from Other Friends bank Account
  3. Scan and Pay Using QR Code in BHIM App

BHIM App Supported banks List

Allahabad Bank, Andhra Bank, Axis Bank, Bank of Baroda, Bank of India, Bank of Maharashtra, Canara Bank, Catholic Syrian Bank, Central Bank of India, DCB Bank, Dena Bank, Federal Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, IDBI Bank, IDFC Bank, Indian Bank, Indian Overseas Bank, IndusInd Bank, Karnataka Bank, Karur Vysya Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Oriental Bank of Commerce, Punjab National Bank, RBL Bank, South Indian Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, State Bank of India, Syndicate Bank, Union Bank of India, United Bank of India, Vijaya Bank.


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